Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Bird Who Wanted to Sleep In

"Wake up, it's morning."


"You heard me, it's time to wake up. Hear the birds singing?"

"Why do I have to get up so early every day? It feels like I just went to sleep. The sun isn't even up yet."

"Because the early bird gets the worm."

"But I don't like worms. You don't make me eat them."

"It makes no difference what you actually eat. All the other birds in the neighborhood are up and singing. Their nestlings don't complain about getting up early. Your siblings get up without complaining. Do you want to make us look bad to all the neighbors?"

"Can't I just sleep late once?"

"Not while you live in our nest. When you grow up and and find your own food and fly on your own, well....."

"OK, I'll get up. What's for breakfast?"

"Some nice fresh bugs your father just caught. Open wide..."

"Bugs again! Why can't we have mice once in a while? I really, really have a craving for mice."

"Your tastes in food have always been a little strange. I don't know where you get it from. Not my side of the family certainly."

"I need a bigger nest too. It's getting too crowded in here."

"Then practice your flapping so you can fledge."

"Whooooo was that strange bird I heard last night?"


"I heard someone asking Who cooks for you? Then someone else wanted to know Who's awake? I want to know WHHOOOOO that was."

"Never mind. It isn't important to our family."

"But I do give a HOOT!"

"Don't ruffle your feathers at me! I'm not scared by your big ears! Wait, no one in our family has ears. Or even just feathers that look like ears. What is going on here? I've heard of Cowbirds laying their eggs in someone else's nest, but you don't look like one of them, even though you are certainly big for your age. And your eyes look funny too. All big and round. Could it be?? Maybe you actually are a night owl, and not just a troublesome teen."

"You mean maybe there's a reason I can't wake up in the morning? Whooooo am I really?"

"Son, every bird has to discover that for himself. It may take you a lifetime of sleepless nights."


Bob Lenning said...

What a great story! Sort of an update of the ugly duckling. You could name it 'Mamas don't let your chicks grow up to be cowbirds' or maybe 'Who's Your Daddy?'. :-)

Anonymous said...

mom, Great story. Why didn't we get stories like these growing up in the car rides or at bed time?

Sue Glasco said...

You made me think.